Nowadays, a large number of events take place in churches in addition to church services. Be it readings, concerts or club events: The church is a place of communion, a place where people come together. It is important that the technology works perfectly. We at SR Media can help you update your fixed audio and video installations. Modern technology supports the community in churches.

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Reformed Church of Nussbaumen

The Reformed Church of Nussbaumen commissioned us to revise their entire audio and video installation. At the same time, the church centre was to be digitised. Today, the control system runs via the iPad and the rooms are internally linked to each other. A beamer lift helps that the beamer also has its place when it is not needed.

Reformierte Kirche Nussbaumen

Successful staging of events requires perfectly functioning technology. We adapt the audio and video installations to the needs of the customer and the peculiarities of the respective premises. Despite all the complexity, networking and application possibilities, it is important to us that the audio and video system is functional, simple and easy to operate.

SR Media Versenkbarer Beamer

With a beamer lift, the projector can be completely recessed into the ceiling after use. The installation is space-saving and therefore suitable for almost all ceilings. The open design allows optimum air circulation during use and easy access for maintenance. The lift and projector is operated via the media control of the entire audio and video system.

SR Media Remote Control iPad

The church of Nussbaumen decided to digitalise the church centre when revising the audio and video installations. Today, the iPad is used as a universal remote control for controlling all audio and video equipment. All rooms are linked together. Operation has thus become much easier. The system can be extended with additional functions as required.