The motto of 24thinkpark is: 24 hours, 100 participants, 1000 ideas. It calls itself Switzerland’s most unconventional conference. SR Media was always involved in the four previous events. For the start of the 24thinkpark we programmed an OpenSpace application. We have continuously developed these for the following issues and have since been able to use them for other conferences. We operated the high-speed Internet at 24thinkpark itself and organised five smartboards for the digital work islands every year. Thanks to this experience at OpenSpace conferences like the 24thinkpark we can call ourselves experts in this field.


The 24thinkpark exists since 2013 and is a heart project of DoDifferent GmbH. At each edition of 24thinkpark a new question is discussed. The first topic was “The working world of the future” and the conference was still in its infancy. Thanks to the help of sponsors and a great deal of personal contribution, the conference was able to develop and establish itself in the following years. The 24thinkpark was held for the first time in Germany in 2017.

„The app is a core element of the 24thinkpark and SR Media has implemented it very well.“

Christoph Jordi, founder of 24thinkpark