Networking at an event requires time and skill. You have to approach people, introduce yourself and explore common interests with questions. In the worst case, it takes time to realize that you have chosen the wrong person for a meaningful and purposeful interaction. Furthermore, although most people have the goal of making new contacts at an event, the participants usually stay among themselves. In other words, they spend the time at the event with people they already know. This effect is particularly challenging for new participants. In the following we will show you the exact functionality and advantages of Smart Badge technology: Reports, Access Control, Networking and more.

Smart Badges make networking at events much easier. Smart Badges are small devices, buttons or sophisticated “name tags”. Equipped with RFID chips, the Smart Badges are worn around the neck. In conjunction with an event app on the smartphone, people with common interests are brought together. Alternatively, the smartphone itself can be turned into a smart badge with the help of beacons.

Advantages of the Smart Badge Technology

Smart Badge Networking Reports Access Control Event

Mutual Interests

Prior to the event, participants are invited to complete a questionnaire on their interests. The aim is to find out which topics they are particularly interested in and want to discuss with like-minded people. You will then receive a Smart Badge for the event, on which your answers and contact information are stored.

At the event, the smart badges communicate with each other. As soon as a participant comes close to another participant with common interests, the smart badges point this out. For example, the smart badges of the persons concerned light up or both receive a message on their smartphone.

Event Networking with Access Control

Find a person

You are at an event and can’t find the person you want to talk to? With the Smart Badge this is no longer a problem. Via the event app, they contact the person and make their way into the event’s networking zone. The Smart Badge gives them a signal when they are close to the person they want to talk to.

Smart Badge Reports of Events


The Smart Badge can also provide the participants and organizers of an event with reports and further information. The locations and duration of discussions can be recorded. If required, the organizer can receive a heat map in real time. In the event of waiting times or space problems, he can react to them with organizational adjustments. In addition, the Smart Badge can evaluate how many contacts were made, which persons were particularly active, which age groups communicated with each other or which common interests led to particularly many conversations. These evaluations can be made available to the participants. In turn, they can evaluate with whom they have exchanged contact information via the Smart Badge. Leads and important information are no longer lost.

Events with Reports and Access Control

Access control

Individual sessions of the conference have a limited number of participants or sensitive topics are discussed? In this case, the smart badge can serve as an access code. In front of a session or a door there is a scanner and the smart badge gives the authorized persons access.