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The use of an event app is nowadays part of a modern event or conference. For the organizer it facilitates registration, coordination and interaction with the participants. For guests, the experience and benefits of an event are significantly enhanced by using the app.

When and in which room will the presentation take place that interests me so much? Or is it already fully booked? When is the lunch break? Where can I meet Mrs. X for a personal meeting? Is she even present? Are there any last-minute changes in the programme for the event?

In order to find answers to some of these questions, a brochure with all relevant information was handed out to participants at events in the past. However, this brochure was printed at least one week before an event. Short-term changes or errors in the programme could not be adjusted before a conference. The only way to obtain further information was to ask the participants themselves. After the event, the brochure could not be found or it was filled with notes. Important information was lost or could no longer be traced.

With an event app, the support of participants and the organizer is much more comprehensive. All information about the event can be called up via the app. Short-term changes in the program can be quickly adapted and communicated to the users. During discussions or presentations, guests can enter questions via the app. The moderator selects the appropriate questions and presents them directly to the speaker. During the conference, other participants can be asked to join in a personal conversation. If there are surprise guests or a survey at the conference, the participants are informed via a push message. Impressions and experiences are uploaded and commented on the Social Wall in the app.

Almost any other need can be implemented in the Event App. We also develop special functions for event planners. Whether start lists for Datasport, sports tips or medical functions, we respond to your needs and are happy to advise you.

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  • Profile mit Social Media Integrationen
  • Komplette Integration des Kunden Designs
  • Following und Follower Integration
  • Push Notification
  • IOS & Android Native Applikation
  • Group Channel Funktion für Teilnehmer
  • One to One Chat Funktion
  • Live Voting
  • Speaker Fragen
  • Elektronische Ticket Lösung
  • Umfragen
  • Persönliche Agenda
  • Breakout Session mit Limiten
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