Top 5 Livestreams

Erweitern Sie Ihre Audience

Livestreams, as we know them today, do not exist for too long. Sure. First the Internet had to come. That was in 1990. The first official livestream was a long time coming. And that for three years. This was partly due to the bandwidth and the protocols, which did not yet allow a livestream to be transmitted with an adequate quality. Today we are much more spoiled when it comes to quality. We show you five interesting live streams. Two that were especially successful and two that you can watch right now. They are still live. The last one is from us.

5 great livestreams

1. The first livestream: A coffee machine

No kidding. The first livestream in 1993 showed the level indicator of a coffee machine via a webcam. All right. We have read it now only on Wikipedia. But that went like that: Three times per minute a picture of the Trojan Room Coffee Machine of the company ATM Networks was shot. Before going to the coffee machine, the employees could check the filling level over the Internet and thus save themselves the trip to the possibly empty coffee pot.

  • black and white
  • 3 pics per minute
  • Resolution: very low.

2. Webcam in space

In February 2018 the Falcon Heavy successfully took off for its maiden flight. A bright red roadster from Tesla founder Elon Musk was also on board the world’s most powerful rocket. The doll Starman sat at the wheel, a homage to a song by David Bowie. The livestream with pictures of the start and from the cockpit of the car was one of the most successful of all times.

  • Was live until the satellite connection was lost
  • 1080p with different cameras, only one sent at a time

3. Tokio

From space to probably the most famous traffic axis in the world. In the largest city in the world: Tokyo. And this is where life flourishes. No matter at what time. Those who feel alone can mingle a little with the crowd in Tokyo. Via the Internet, of course.

  • Up to 1080p with 60 FPS. This requires an enormous bandwidth and a rather high quality camera
  • The stream is distributed via youtube

4. The zoo

Zurich Zoo broadcasts live images all over the world with 5 webcams. Among other things the animals can be observed in the elephant park, in the penguin enclosure or in the enclosure of the Amur Tiger.

  • Good resolution, with high air humidity occasionally a little run on.
  • Cameras are not synchronized – probably the bandwidth is limited.
  • However, this also makes sense for the zoo. Live the animals are cooler anyway.

5. Events – what we do

Granted, we weren’t there when livestreams changed the world. But we still want to show an example of us. On the one hand there are live streams of events with a permanently installed camera. On the other hand livestreams are also needed for shorter, one-time or recurring events. Conferences, in Switzerland, for example the WORLDWEBFORUM. Made by us.

  • With live direction and comments, released on YouTube.
  • Also embedded on the WORLDWEBFORUM website, 1080p camera.
  • With sound – live from the conference presentations.