We have been participating in Switzerland’s most exclusive digital conference since 2016. It started with the #Website for the WORLDWEBFORUM, then came our #EventApp and our support in #InboundMarketing. Since 2018 we are also responsible for the registration of participants. Each year there is a #EventApp especially for the conference. The app has various functions: The participants can exchange information and network. Questions can be asked live with the app during question rounds or fireplace discussions. Or you can use the #SocialWall to share photos.


The WORLDWEBFORUM is the world’s most exclusive conference on digital transformation and leadership. The idea: to bring global role models to the WORLDWEBFORUM to bridge the gap between old and new paradigms. Every year, the who’s who of the Swiss business scene meets in Zurich. The speakers come from all over the world. Representatives of Stanford University, the lead singer of Iron Maiden or Steve Wozniak. The biggest names are here. With over 150 journalists from 50 media companies throughout Europe, the WORLDWEBFORUM has a reach of over 50,000,000 readers.

„SR Media ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Konferenz. Immer flexibel und eine unerreichte Reaktionszeit“

Co-Founder und CEO der Konferenz, Fabian Hediger