The Badenfahrt offers everything: countless pubs, a wide range of cultural activities and a variety of catering options. In 2017, more than 1.2 million people visited the Badenfahrt for 10 days. The only disadvantage: It only takes place every 10 years. But we are not only looking for customers who have an event every year. As a company from Baden, the Badenfahrt was a home game for us. SR Media was primarily responsible for the LED wall at the concert stage. We took over everything from conception to logistics to construction, organized editing suites and cameramen. As a special highlight we installed a dome camera for 360 degree live impressions.


The Badenfahrt is the largest public festival in the canton of Aargau and one of the largest public festivals in Switzerland. It takes place every ten years and is organised by the Badenfahrtkomitee association. Around 1.2 million people visited in 2017. Motto 2017 was “Versus”: Opposites in Baden. In addition to the wide range of cultural activities, the festive pubs designed and built by hand are a special feature of the Badenfahrt.

„I was able to concentrate on everything else because SR Media worked so independently. Great!“

Patrick Wernli, OK-Badenfahrt 2017