Uncomplicated, faster, more customer-oriented.


We program, you benefit. An idea for a good software or a useful app is quickly there. But the way to a mature product can take a long time. We know what is important and work towards the solution in small, goal-oriented steps. In our Software Forge we create everything from Prototype to Minimal Viable Products to complete Software Solutions.

They don’t just see their product for the first time after a year of development. You can get involved with us as much as you want. Maybe you want to be involved step by step – no problem. Or we make a short weekly telephone call, where we present the progress to you. We also advise you on what makes sense. It is important to us that you quickly see the first results and thus provide input,

Prototype, Minimal viable product (MVP), Mockups, Beta version. Not only do we know the most common terms, we also use them every day. Be it for our own developments or for the software of our customers. With many small and a few large projects we could already prove that software is in our blood. Be it a web application, a desktop app or the development of a software that should run on an Apple operating system. We don’t believe that there is one solution. We are convinced that it’s the idea, the area of application and the field of application that determine when which software makes the most sense.

Uncomplicated, faster, more customer-oriented

Just give us a call for a non-binding conversation. With our experience, we can quickly and precisely estimate what you will be faced with in a development. And also where the budget makes sense and where it is less sensible to use it. We take our description seriously: We deliver first results quickly, our developers are partly in Switzerland, but partly on all other continents, so we can be cheap. And we are always just a phone call away and find solutions.

From our software forge: E-Learning Platform Expertshare

We are particularly proud of the development of expertshare. An e-learning platform that captures the skills of employees in a company and gives them the opportunity to exchange their skills with each other.


  • Virtual round table discussions with your employees
  • Live streaming feature for your trainings
  • Create your own learning profile
  • Take notes during your training sessions
  • Live Chat during trainings
  • Rate trainings

From our software forge: Native Apps

We have a lot of experience in programming event apps. And we can implement almost every customer need, be it in participant registration, social walls with gamification or integrated live surveys.

  • For iOS and Android
  • 1000+ simultaneous users
  • push messages
  • Social Walls with Gamification
  • Live Surveys
  • Short-term changes
  • Special designs: Start lists for data sports, sport tips, medical functions,ect.

From our software forge: Exhibitor management

From our software forge: Exhibitor management

Professional exhibitor and stand management can quickly take up a great deal of your time. With our online tool, which is perfectly tailored to your needs, you save time and can concentrate fully on your event.

  • Uncomplicated online registration of your exhibitors
  • Location-independent administration
  • Define and create your own categories
  • Compiling and summarising needs
  • Orders can also be adjusted and supplemented afterwards
  • price calculator
  • Easy payment online