A conference where the audience uses their intelligence. That was the basic idea of the IThinkpark. Adapted from 24thinkpark it took place for the first time in Germany in 2017. We took on various tasks for the conference. We operated the participant management, from the registration over the invoice up to the linking with the EventApp. We programmed the EventApp especially for OpenSpace conferences. We installed smartboards on site. The smartboards were the flagships of the digital work islands. Participants could book a work island and work with the smartboards in the island itself. As soon as a session was finished, the results appeared in the app. So everyone could download and develop their ideas afterwards. But also the thoughts of the parallel sessions were available for everyone. True to the motto: sharing is caring. On the app, participants networked, shared news, booked work islands with topics and signed up for the respective sessions.


150 participants and 1000 ideas: The IThinkpark is the most unconventional IT marketplace in Germany. The first edition took place in 2017. It consisted of short input lectures, whereupon the community continued to exchange ideas in OpenSpace. As a Thinkparker you are a networker, an expert and a learner at the same time. In the lounge, as a pilot on a work island or in the audience. ING DiBa was the main sponsor and initiator.

„Thank you, SR Media.“

Head of conference, Nicolas Kubanek