Automatic face recognition is a technology that is gaining more and more acceptance. People have no problem identifying their relatives, friends or neighbours by their faces. But can they recognize all visitors of a company event? 50’000 spectators of an open air? Not a chance.

That’s why there’s automatic face recognition. Based on certain characteristics of a person a mathematical model of the face is calculated and stored. So far, these systems have mainly been used in the field of security. In an access control system, for example, a person’s face is scanned and compared with the stored data. In recent years, the technology has developed continuously and error rates have been greatly reduced.

What are the advantages of face recognition for your event? The registered visitors are scanned fully automatically with the Face Recognition technology. The result is a faster check-in. But it doesn’t stop here. The technology allows you to analyze the event exactly: Session tracking is the keyword for this. And more safety is also ensured. We will explain how in the following four points.



Waiting at the check-in of an event annoys the visitors and can be avoided thanks to Face Recognition. There is no need to go through information manually. A software and camera performs face recognition. The data is compared using a database without the participant having to provide information such as an ID, e-mail or first and last name. This means that check-in can be carried out virtually every second.

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Your event or conference needs a high level of security for identity control? Matching profile photos in ID cards and faces directly at check-in is time-consuming and error-prone for inexperienced users. Face Recognition provides a faster and safer solution for your sensitive conference. When registering online, participants submit a picture of their ID card and a profile photo. The software compares the two images and detects whether the faces match. Normal face recognition is now performed at the event check-in. Thanks to the pre-checked identity, the entrance is fast and secure.


Faster check-in is just one of the advantages of face recognition. Session Tracking is another: During the conference, the cameras can be used to analyze processes and visitor flows. Where are most people? Hotspots of the conference can thus be identified and adapted directly or in the future with organisational measures. With Session Tracking, events can be managed much more efficiently. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Who’s talking to who? Who is the largest networker? The facial recognition data can be analyzed and reflected. Or two people can search and find each other via the event app. Of course, the data is stored securely or can be deleted at any time.

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