The best thing for any runner is probably crossing the finish line. When the Swiss Alpine Marathon asked us to create the finish arch, we were aware of our great responsibility. The first thing we did was to design and visualize the finish arch. Important questions were for example: How heavy does the arch have to be so that it doesn’t fall over at the first gust of wind? The project was a success. The finish arch withstood the weather and has been in use since then.


The Swiss Alpine Marathon has been held every year since 1986. The main track is an ultramarathon of 78.5 km. The other routes have a length of 42 km, 30km, 21k and 10km. The Alpine Marathon and the Swiss Irontrail have been under the umbrella brand Swissalpine Davos since 2017.

„Exact, uncomplicated and transparent.“

Jon-Andrea Tuffli, head of organization